Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dear Miles,

Dear Miles,

Congratulations, my little Monster. You have now been in the world longer than you were in my belly. And you are a whole Nine Months Old (as of yesterday)!

As I write this, you are playing at my feet, using a plastic spoon to tap out a rhythm on my chair legs, and playing with an empty box. You have become very good at sitting and playing by yourself, but you still want the comfort of knowing that Mommy is nearby.

Your personality shines brighter and brighter by the day. You are inquisitive, and happy, and ornery. One minute you will be examining a small bit of chainmail, lifting it up and dropping it to see how it moves, and to listen to how it sounds on different surfaces. Your little eyebrows knit in concentration, trying to figure it all out. The next moment you are standing up, bouncing and clapping your hands to a song on the radio. Then, you're climbing into my lap, only to lick my forehead and climb back down, smiling that mischievous smile you've inherited from your daddy. You smile all the time, and you seem determined to make everyone else smile, too.

Soon, I know, you'll be talking up a storm, and running all over creation. Already, I find it difficult to keep up with you. At the office, Erica has started coming to play with you so I can actually work. At home, I usually find myself waiting for naps to do anything. In fact, I've had to stop and start this letter many times, so I could pull you out of whatever trouble you are trying to get into.

You are getting to spend lots of time with Daddy, now. Mommy is back in the Renaissance Festival for a third year, so Daddy chose to stay home in the evenings with you. I come home to hear tells of wild crawling chases across the living room, and soft cuddles and singing before bedtime. One thing is certain, though: you seem to LOVE this time. And Daddy loves it, too.

My sweet, mischievous little Monster; I Love You. You bring such joy to my life every day.

Love, always,

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