Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bad Mommy Monday

It's back! And it's a few hours early. :)

Here are this week's entries for the Bad Mommy award:

  1. I laugh hysterically every time my son asks to watch Shrek because it sounds like the f-bomb.
  2. My son loves to play catch and then fall over.  I find it funny to throw the ball at him and watch him collapse.  Hysterical.
  3. Miles will occasionally get huffy and go upstairs to his room and shut the door.  I leave him alone for a few minutes before I go check on him.  I think it's important to allow him a moment to calm himself before I rush after him.  Given his age, I am told this is a bad idea.  But, it works for us.
What can I say?  I've been avoiding judgmental people. :)

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