Saturday, November 5, 2011

Litany of Cuteness/Awesomeness

A random list of a few of the cute/awesome things Miles has been doing:

  • Saying his ABC's at random moments.  He consistently misses about five of the letters, but he is 25 months old and knows his alphabet! I'm good with teaching him that there are letters between L and P.
  • Also, he recognizes every letter by sight, and will say them when he sees them.  He confuses E & F, and has trouble deciding if an N is actually a Z on its side, but again he's only 25 months old.
  • He now builds towers as tall as his head with whatever blocks/toys/random objects he can find.
  • Drawing and coloring, then pointing at the scribbles that look vaguely like letters and naming them.  
  • Climbing on the back of his rocking horse and jumping off.  Just like the jousters at Festival.
  • Randomly running into people's legs and falls over with a dramatic 'oof'.
  • Looking at the person that he ran into and saying, "Stop it!"
  • Stringing words together into somewhat-intelligible sentences.  For example: "Ki-ey go dunsair" [Kitty go downstairs], or "Mama, ook! Big chuk!" [Mama, look!  Big truck!]
  • Sword-fighting with anyone who is armed with a wooden sword.
  • Arming guests with a wooden sword the moment they enter the door. 
  • Knocking on his bedroom door when he's ready for us to come get him in the morning.
  • Giving overly-dramatic kisses. "Mmmmmm-waaaaaah"
  • Asking for "Emmo" [Elmo] and "Uff-ee" [Buffy] with equal regularity.
  • Helping carry things.
  • Holding my hand at random moments (and of course when we're in parking lots, etc.).
  • Asking very clearly for "can-nee" [candy].
  • Rushing to see "Gampa" Maestro at the office. :)
  • Roaring like a dinosaur.
  • Crashing his cars/trains/random other toys together repeatedly.
  • Putting his action figures on dinosaur- and elephant-back and jousting them.

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