Sunday, November 27, 2011

Battles & Blessings


  • Getting everything done before the holiday.
  • A toddler with the icky-sickies.  Heavy on the icky.
  • Not enough sleep, and a 2-year-old who can't sleep well in strange places. Like Grandma's house when we were visiting for the holiday.
  • A van that kept flashing low coolant lights all the way home. Even though it had plenty of coolant.


  • 3 relaxing days with family.
  • 3 delicious days of Thanksgiving.
  • A 2-year-old who was positively perfectly well-behaved.  Mostly.
  • Portable DVD players.
  • Did I mention the fantastic food?
  • And the time with family?
  • Time to sleep in. And time to relax at home. <sigh> :)

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