Saturday, November 12, 2011

Battles & Blessings


  • My mother has been in the hospital all week due to unexplained, long-term vertigo.  She is better than she was, but there are a ton of tests in her future.
  • My PPA kicked my butt a couple of days this week.  Little things can send me into a tailspin.
  • Trying not to blow our budget, even though I was stuck in a super Wal-Mart for two and a half hours while they fixed my car. Not so successful there. . .
  • Energy.  Even when I am well-rested, I can barely keep up with Miles some days.
  • Mommy-guilt reared its ugly head again.  Nothing new there.


  • Evenings spent with my family, cuddling, watching television, working on projects, or simply being in the same space.  Positively beautiful.
  • Branson with our core family/friend/Tribe/Kumpania this weekend.  And beautiful weather to enjoy it.
  • Being reminded of a favorite prayer that I hadn't thought of in awhile.  Quite inspirational.
  • A husband who loves me unconditionally, and protects me no matter what.
  • A son who loves me unconditionally, and whose laugh makes my heart feel full.
  • Projects.  And the beginnings of Christmas shopping.  And other me-time activities. 
  • Lunch yesterday with Andrea and her darling children.  Absolutely what I needed.
  • A renewed confidence that I can continue each day, even when it feels like I'm slipping.
  • Long conversations with my husband.
  • A restored sense of peace and contentment.  I am re-finding my balance.

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  1. Don't let my battle become one of yours! You have enough to worry about and like you said, it IS getting better...we will get it all figured out!
    Give our boy a hug and a snug and let him know we love and miss him! Can't wait to see you all around Thanksgiving!

    Love you guys!