Friday, December 14, 2012


Miles got his haircut on Tuesday.  By a professional.  For the first time.

I've always cut his hair, but it just gets harder and harder as he becomes less and less patient with Mommy.  Which results in uneven cuts, and stray chunks of hair that I find over a week later that are longer than everything else.  It was time.

I was nervous about taking him in.  He doesn't sit still well.  And someone else with scissors near my baby's head?  Hold me.

I worried over nothing.

He sat, chill as can be, and watched Dora on the little TV, while the hairdresser lady went on and on about how well-behaved he was. 

Gah!  He looks so big here!  
 By five minutes in, I was laughing hysterically, because Little Dude made this face almost the entire time:

"What the heck are you doing?"
But in the end, I was full of sighs of wistfulness.  Because he looks like a Big Kid, now.

Oh, my, Kiddo.  You are growing up right before my eyes. Sigh.

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