Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Allergy Fog

For the first time ever, I am ready for winter and a good, long, deep freeze.

Because of the unusually warm winter we had, the allergens are at an all-time high, which means that Patrick and I can barely function some days.  My daily Claritin regiment is barely able to keep my eyes from watering, and nothing will stop the itching and the runny nose.  Adding Benadryl helps, but then I spend the next four hours trying desperately to stay awake.

The allergy fog is so bad right now that I didn't even realize that my 30 by 30 post yesterday?  Yeah, I totally didn't update the last half of it before I posted.  It wasn't until I read it this morning that I realized that.  I may go back and fix it later, and I may not.  It depends on how much of the day I spend trying to claw my eyes out.

But, just to prove that life goes on, regardless:

I must really love this kid.  Look at all of those allergens . . . :)

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