Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Growing up, I was that 'weird' kid who looked forward to the start of school every year.  New teacher, new friends, new things to learn - it was super-exciting.  I would spend the entire summer asking my mom when we could go back.  Oftentimes, I would beg to enroll on my birthday, as a special treat.

It's exciting to watch Miles get excited, now.  All summer, when I would ask "Where do you want to go today?" Miles would ask, "School, please?"  And he would be truly disappointed when I told him, "Not yet."  At the beginning of August, we made a paper chain - one link for each day before school started.  We've taken them off one by one, and I've watched Miles' excitement grow as the chain shrinks.

Today, there is only one link left.  Today, Miles gets to go meet his new teacher, and tomorrow is his first full day with her.  We don't have to leave for two hours, and already, I can barely keep him from running out the door half-naked, ready to get back to something he loves so much.

I live for moments like this. :)

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