Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teaching and Learning

When I started this whole motherhood thing, I knew I would be responsible for teaching Miles almost everything.  From eating and talking and taking his first steps to sharing and friendship and hospitality, and so much more.  I expected that.  I knew it was coming, and truth be told, it terrified me a little.  But at least I knew it was coming.

What I didn't expect was how much I would learn from Miles.  How he would inspire me everyday, in a million tiny ways.  And I don't just mean, "I'm the mom, so I have to do XYZ".  I mean touching, inspirational moments that change me all the way to the core.

Yesterday was a lesson in Perseverance.  I am quite aware that I struggle with this.  I have an unhealthy habit of giving up when the going gets rough.  Especially if I'm physically challenged in any way.  It is easier on my body and my ego when I simply choose not to do something, rather than fail at it.

I took Miles to the skating rink* yesterday morning for their Tiny Tot Skate.  I figured that he would figure it out pretty quickly and enjoy it, since he tends to be a fairly athletic little man.

Yeah, not so much.

The initial problem was that he wanted to run, and couldn't figure out why his feet kept flying out from under him.  If you've met Miles, you know that he has two speeds: a million miles an hour and asleep.  He would stand up, and start to take off, only to wind up on his rear, over and over again.  For an hour and a half.  Each time he would fall, he would struggle his way back to his feet and try again.  Eventually, he slowed down enough to go 5-6 steps before he fell, but never much more.  And yet, over and over again, he stood up, balanced himself, and started again, looking to the older, more experienced kids for ideas.  About halfway through, he tried using the wall for balance, as he had seen others do, and managed to get halfway around the rink before setting off alone - and promptly falling again.

He didn't get frustrated.  He didn't give up.  A triumphant smile as he stood and balanced, followed by a determined scowl of concentration as he set off.

It was hard, but he kept at it, and in the end, he left a little sore, but smiling.

I love this kid.

*Yes, a roller skating rink.  I know, I thought they were all gone, too. :)

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