Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Miles has been so much fun, lately.  I'm finding that I just adore his little blonde head a little more everyday.  I love how he likes to fall asleep holding my hand, and how he always has a kiss for me.  I love watching him play, and learn, and laugh.  I am so lucky to be home with him all the time now.

Since you all don't get to be here, I figured you might like a list of his latest antics:

  • He found one of Patrick's fedoras and has been wearing it non-stop.  A common sight in our house now is Miles, sans pants, strutting around with his hands behind his back and telling people he's "cross".  Apparently, he's decided he is Sir Toppam Hat from the Thomas videos.  Minus the pants, of course. . .
  • He constantly sings "We Are the Champions" at the top of his lungs, usually while kicking a soccer ball around the living room.  Random Stranger Guy even stopped me one day in the grocery store to tell me how awesome my kid is for singing Queen.  Yep, RSG, I know.
  • Miles is becoming a more serious, studious, focused child, but when he hears a bodily function, he giggles like mad.
  • He's ridiculously good at operating all technological devices.  In fact, he keeps introducing me to new features on my phone and my Nook.
  • He adores our poor cat.  He loves to give her hugs and kisses, and on the rare occasion that I don't stop him quickly enough, he loves to pick her up for a good strong squeeze.
  • He asks non-stop for Ogre Bites - frozen bits of yogurt that I thought were called Yogurt Bites. :)
  • He can successfully sign most letters in sign-language.  He still struggles with a few that require greater dexterity than his chubby hands can muster, but it is freaking adorable to watch him sign as he sings his ABC's. :)
  • His memory - which has always been rather impressive - just gets better and better.  He will ask for things that we haven't had or done in months.  Recently, he's been asking to go to the Festival - even though it's been almost a year since the last time he went.
  • It is now Miles' job to set the table for dinner.  He walks around the table, "Plate for Mommy. Plate for Miles. Plate for Daddy.  Fork for Mommy. Fork for Miles. Fork for Daddy." and so on.  Then, we all sit down, and Miles folds his hands for prayer, and often says the prayer (a shortened version, sure).  When he's done eating, he asks to be excused, then feeds the cat and takes his vitamin.  The whole process is so sweet.  I think it's my favorite part of the day.
There are so many more, I could fill pages. . . Guess I'll stop here and save some for another day. :)

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