Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just Love

I try really hard to stay out of politics because I firmly believe that it's not worth it.  Politics-talk has a way of polarizing people, and hurting people's feelings, and in the end, only serves to make people angry.

Well, prepare yourselves, because I'm about to polarize, hurt, and anger a few people.

Let's talk gay rights.

As a friend of mine once said to me, there's no such thing as 'gay' rights.  Just like there's no such thing as 'straight' rights.  Just human rights.  The rights of all people to be treated with respect and dignity.  Regardless of their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.  People have rights, whether they are straight or gay, black or white, male or female, Muslim, Jew, Christian, or Atheist.

You believe that homosexuality is a sin?  Fine.  I frankly don't care to argue that with you.  It's not my job to dictate your belief system.  Even if I disagree with you.

You believe that homosexuality is a choice? Fine.  You're ignoring the mountain of scientific proof that it isn't - not to mention the personal experiences of millions of homosexuals who can tell you with certainty that they didn't choose it, any more than we 'straight' people choose to fall in love with someone of the opposite sex.  It just happens.  But that's not the point, either.

The point is that these people - gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people - are humans.  They are people.  They have hopes, dreams, ambitions, goals, problems, joys, sorrows, jobs, and lives.  They aren't some 'other' to be feared.  They are not out to get you.  They're not trying to 'turn' your children.  They simply want to live, peacefully and with dignity, just like you and me.  Only with a same-sex partner.

So before you begin spewing your hate next time, I want you to remember this: You are talking about real people.  Your brothers, or sisters, or children.  Your nieces, nephews, cousins.  Your friends.  Chances are, someone you know and love is gay.  And you can choose to hurt them, kill their spirit and convince them that they are evil. Or you can choose to love them.  And in the end, your choice will speak volumes about who you are.  Not them.

I'm not here to change your mind, or to tell you how to live your life.  I am here to tell you to stop the cycle of hatred, and replace it with a cycle of Love.  And if you can't handle that, then perhaps you need to take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself why.

It's not about chicken, or Boy Scouts, or even who someone loves.  It's about shutting your mouth until you have something kind to say.  After all, that Bible you quote so heavily also says, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."  No exceptions.  No judgments.

Just Love.


  1. In the 1960's people spewed their hate and now 50 years later African-Americans are normally respected and not looked at as outcasts...This too shall pass. Until then, I will exercise my right to freedom and will protect the right for everybody to be free... Wish we could all be hippies and love and let live... Love this post.

  2. Very well said! I can't wait to share this!

  3. <3 In case I didnt already adore the ground you walk on and lead me in. i do now.

    - Sindri