Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crib Time!

When I was pregnant, I remember talking to other moms who were planning to co-sleep (sleep with baby in their room) or bed-share (sleep with baby in their bed). I remember thinking they were being ridiculous. My baby was going to sleep in a pack n' play bassinet for a month or two, then move into his crib in his own room. I laughed at the moms who were so clingy to their children before they were even born. In fact, I laughed so loud, it could have been a guffaw.

And then Miles was born. Suddenly, the pack n' play kept him too far away. We rushed out and bought a co-sleeper - a bassinet that attaches to the side of our bed - so he could be closer. Even so, he slept in our bed (for at least part of the night) for six weeks solid. Eventually, I was able to move him into the co-sleeper, where he could sleep by himself, but I was still right there.

Now, I'm facing the reality that my little guy is getting too big for his co-sleeper. I don't have long before I will have to move him to his crib on the other side of the room! And I'm a mess. I'm not ready for him to be that far away, all night long. I would love it if he could fit into his co-sleeper until he was ready for a toddler bed.

But, it's almost time. I could tell by the fact that he wedged himself sideways in it twice last night. And the fact that if he stretches out with his arms over his head (as he often does) he has less than two inches to spare. All too soon, I will be moving him to this crib:

Which, by the way, was bought entirely with gift cards we received at our baby showers. So, if you gave us a gift card: Thank You for the crib. :)

He's ready to move on to the crib. But I'm not. I want him right beside me for a little longer. :(

Go ahead and laugh. Guffaw, if you must. . . :)

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