Friday, January 15, 2010

Jumpin' on the Bandwagon

So, I recently discovered the wonderful world of blogs, and I thought Hmmm. I could do that!

Only, my life is boring, and nobody cares to read about it. So, to those of you actually reading this drivel: Thanks, Mom and Dad! :)

(Cuz Mommies and Daddies are awesome and will read whatever drivel you write, especially if it's about their
favorite grandbaby.)

So, onto the cuteness that is my son, Miles.

Miles is three and a half months old. Or sixteen weeks, if you prefer that counting method. Whatever. It's not like he cares how old he is, he's ready to take over the world already. Last weekend, as we ate at Applebee's, he suddenly decided that he was going to sit up on his own, on the table. And lo and behold! he did. Someone tell this child he's growing too fast as it is. He doesn't need to be speeding through the milestones like this.

As though that isn't enough, Miles has discovered that the ladies love him. And he loves them back, of course. He'll give you this bashful smile as he peeps at you under his eyelashes, then turn his head to the side as though your beauty is just too much for him. And of course, every time he does this, every lady in the room melts into a puddle, right there at his feet. I cannot tell you how much time I spend cleaning up puddles that used to be ladies, before my son turned on the charm. I can only imagine what we're in for in sixteen years. . .

Only then, I can pull out the fact that he used to use this same trick on Cozette (the little lithograph girl on our poster of
Les Miserables). Something tells me the charm will be thrown off a little when that little tidbit comes out. :D

And like all babies, Miles has discovered his hands, and thinks they're wonderful. Then, he discovered his toes, which are even more wonderful. I just know we aren't far from the day he discovers the fun little toy I hide in his diaper. I'm sure he will find that the most wonderful thing of all.

All in all, he's amazing. And every day, he becomes a little more amazing. I can't imagine there will ever come a day when I won't find him amazing.

But should that day ever come, I'll just tell his girlfriend about his love affair with Cozette. :P

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