Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Learning Curve

Miles manages to learn something new everyday.

Yesterday, he learned that sometimes, Daddy takes things apart (this time it was the dryer). He also learned that this process is fascinating. Even the third time in a row.* He just stood in his bouncer, watching as the dryer was deconstructed, and then reconstructed, bouncing at the exciting bits.**

Yesterday, he also learned that food can sometimes have texture. Rice cereal was a hysterical mess. We were smart enough to strip him down to his diaper, then realized that he couldn't sit up well enough to sit in the high chair. So, we pulled out the baby bathtub, and fed him there. The first two bites were promptly spit out in wild-raspberry fashion. (i.e. all over the place!) But, after that, he started to get the hang of it, and actually swallowed about 4-5 spoonfuls by the time he was done. Nevermind the fact that I had offered him probably 12-15 spoonfuls, most of which now covered him. It was bath time!

Except for one thing: in my smugness, I somehow hadn't connected the dots that he would need to be bathed in the bathtub after eating - which he was doing in his bathtub. Yeah, I now win the "Duh" award for the day. . .

So, Daddy got the glorious prize of being allowed to hold a sticky, yucky, cereal-covered little boy, while Mommy cleaned out the tub and filled it with water. No permanent physical damage resulted. Though, Patrick is still claiming long-term psychological scarring. . . :)

And in all of this, I learned something, too. Parenting is so much easier when Daddy is home. :)

*Our dryer is making funny noises, so Patrick took it apart, fixed what he thought was wrong, then had to put it all back together to see if he was right. He was the third time! :)

**Apparently, the front coming off was exciting, but not the removal of the drum. Strange child. . .

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