Friday, January 22, 2010


I have been waiting all day for five minutes to type something up. No luck yet. Miles has had 3 naps today: 20 minutes at 11:00, 45 minutes while I was shopping, and 20 minutes on my chest at around 3:30.

He hasn't been particularly fussy, or anything. Just. . . awake. Even though I can see in his little red-rimmed eyes that he is exhausted. But, there is too much fun stuff going on, I guess.

Even now, as I write this, he is awake, playing in his bouncer, though he started rubbing his eyes over an hour and a half ago. He was nearly asleep when I laid him in his crib, but he quickly decided he was hungry. He was nearly asleep when he finished his bottle, but he quickly found that the crib slats were incredible fun to play with. He was almost asleep on my lap again, until the dog moved, and that was fascinating.

Now, he's talking to the flower toy on his bouncer, doing everything he can to keep himself awake.

Oh, well, maybe that means he'll sleep tonight?

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