Thursday, January 21, 2010

Need coffee........

Ugh, I'm tired. . . .

Miles has apparently decided that sleep is for the weak.

Well, son, Mommy is weak. Please let her sleep.

For some reason, he decided that he needed to be awake every hour and a half last night. Except between 3:00 and 4:30, when he just decided to whine to keep himself up the entire time. There was nothing wrong, no signs that he had anything to whine about. But every time his eyes would start to droop even a little, he'd start flailing his arms, making this "uhhhhaaahhh" whine to wake himself back up.

I expected the first few weeks to be bad, but instead, he slept for four hour stretches from the time he came home from the hospital. By eight weeks, he was sleeping through the night, solid blocks of eight to ten hours. I started to think I could handle motherhood.

Now, he's sleeping like I expected him to as a newborn - waking constantly, rarely needing anything.

Except, not really. Because the night before last, he slept straight through without a problem. And yesterday, he had two really good naps, and several shorter ones, as he has for weeks, now.

Someone told me the other day to "sleep when he sleeps." I have, of course, heard this, and have taken it to heart. Unfortunately, the last time I tried to nap with him, I woke to him literally screaming in my ear, so it wasn't terribly restful.

Thank goodness for Patrick, who helped me through the night, then made me coffee this morning. I have the most awesomest husband ever. :)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go finish the pot of coffee so I can manage to keep up with my son . . . :)

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