Saturday, February 20, 2010

Girls' Night Out, Guys' Night In

Last night was my first Girls' Night Out since November. Four of my favorite girls* and I went to a semi-fancy Italian restaurant, with the most amazing food! We arrived at 6:15, and talked until they closed at 10:00. :)

Then, we went to a place called Skies, a restaurant that sits on top of the Hyatt downtown. The atmosphere is very mellow and comfortable. Lights are low, and indirect, seating is comfortable armchairs and sofas around coffee tables. A jazz pianist tinkles the keys. But the focus is the view from the floor to ceiling windows: the city skyline in all its glory. Oh, and just for giggles, the entire restaurant slowly rotates. If you sit there for an hour and a half, you will be shown an entire 360 degree view of the city, from its center. It is gorgeous. We ordered coffees and desserts and talked for another two hours, before realizing that our friend Wendy** was staying in the hotel so her daughter could go to the anime convention downstairs. So, we stopped by her room and talked for awhile longer. Eventually, we decided that we had better go home while we were still awake enough to drive. :)

Meanwhile, Miles was experiencing his first Guy's Night here at home. Patrick had Shelby, Kirby, and Joseph over, and they cooked, and played cards, and generally, just hung out being guys, as far as I can tell. In any case, fun was had by all involved, and we are looking anxiously forward to our next opportunity to do it all again! :)

P.S. To Stacey, Bethany, Becky and Portia: thank you so much for helping me to feel like a person again, instead of just "Mommy". I have never been so blessed as to have such a warm, supportive group of female friends in my life. You are all amazing. Much love.

*Four of the most amazing women I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

**Number five in my list of Most Amazing Women Ever.

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