Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Workin' for a Livin'

Great. Now I have Huey Lewis music stuck in my head. Oh, well. Now, you do, too. You're welcome! :)

Yesterday, I remembered why I love my job so much. Which is weird, since it was a fairly average sort of day.

First thing after I got there, I found out that we had a lead on a new dance space for our Romani rehearsals. So, we loaded up Miles and Goyo* and headed over to the local Middle School to check it out. Let me just say, that secretary is the nicest person I have ever met inside of a middle school. She was awesome. And nice. And offered to come open the side door for us, so we wouldn't have to get lost in the school.

Oh, and the dance space was perfect, too! :)

We then spent the next . . . I dunno . . . 30 minutes?. . . driving around trying to find an easy route around the road construction that Karla promised us wasn't there anymore.** The whole time, we were chatting and joking about everything under the sun. Which is why it took us so long. We kept getting distracted and having to backtrack to find street names.

Then we had an awesome lunch with an amazing woman named Gloria (Goyo's Mommy), who is all the more amazing when you find out she's the mother of fourteen children, all of whom have names beginning with the letter J.*** Seriously. And I can't claim to have met all of them, but if the five I have met are any indication, she's done a damn good job of raising them. And she's sweet and funny to boot.

We eventually made it back to work, where we did a bunch of boring (but necessary) office work, while Miles cooed and played in his playpen. Roger even snapped a great shot of Miles 'helping' me work.**** I will post the picture as soon as I can pry it away from Roger. :)

We rushed out at 4:00, so we could make it home in time to drive out to Independence for Bailee's birthday dinner. Miles (as always) spent very little time with us, and quite a bit of time being passed from person to person. He seemed content with this state of affairs, and even graced several of the women with his heartbreaking smile, often paired with a coo. Needless to say, he melted every one of them. :)

I love my job!

* My Romani brother-in-law. It's complicated, but let's just say I think of him as the little brother I always wanted (to pick on). :)

**To be fair, the road is open. It's the bridge that's out.

***Goyo once had a name that began with J, but no one knows it anymore. :)

****He was quite helpful, for a given value of helpful . . . one that involves coating my keyboard in drool . . .

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