Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quick Update

I only have time for a quick update before we go rushing off into the wild blue yonder for Courtney's baby shower. Congrats to my little sis!

Nothing in particular to report. Miles is getting more and more sure of his movements everyday. He's able to pick things up and shake them, or put them in his mouth.* He plays this game where he will make a face at you, then raise an eyebrow to get you to grin. Extra points for him if he can get you to smile or laugh before he does. :)

He's trying to move. He will roll himself up on his side, then push off with his legs and roll back to his back. This results in him spinning in slow circles, but he does manage to get some lateral movement (occasionally).

And he's loving oatmeal and green beans. Not so much loving mashed banana (so far, the only thing he's spit out).

Anyway, it's almost time to get on the road, so adieu for now!

*Or whack himself in the face with them . . . :)

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