Friday, February 26, 2010

Shakespeare Night

If you haven't noticed, I never post on Thursdays.

Mainly, that's because I spend the daytime hours scrubbing my house from top to bottom, trying in earnest to make it presentable.

Because Thursday nights, my living room fills with my favorite people. Ostensibly, we get together to read Shakespeare. And that's how it started. We were doing really well, actually. And then, last week, we got to talking, and by 10:00, we were like "Hamlet? Oh, yeah. Oops." Last night was almost a repeat performance, but we watched about an hour of the movie, so it counts, right?

Regardless of what we do, it is possibly my favorite night of the week. I look forward to it, counting the days, until I am surrounded by people with whom I can discuss all matter of crazy things. And I don't have to be politic about it (which is really hard for me, anyway). We all say what we want, without fear. Do we always agree? Absolutely not. But we don't have to. Because in the end, we all love one another, regardless. And for that, I am incredibly blessed.

Oh, and Miles is cute. Yay! (I had to at least mention him, right?) :)

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