Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy, Busy Days

I always talk about the crazy life that Miles and I lead, but I realized that I have never really given you a good example. Today was a perfect one:

8:00 am - Miles wakes up, eats, and plays on the floor while I get ready for the day.
8:45 am - Miles has a breakfast of pears, then plays on my lap while I check my e-mail, Facebook, etc.
9:30 am - Miles falls asleep for his first nap of the day. I sketch out costume ideas.
10:00 am - I haven't heard from Maestro, so I call him. He asks me to go into the office and finish up some paperwork.
11:15 am - Miles and I arrive at the office after much craziness in getting ready to leave.
11:15 am - 1:00 pm - I finish up all of the paperwork, finish the costume sketches, respond to e-mails, return phone calls, feed Miles, put him down for a nap, and wish a co-worker a happy birthday.
1:00 pm - Maestro calls and asks me to meet him in Independence to trade props - I need the tripod he has, and he needs drums and tambourines from the office.
2:30 pm - After dealing with a performer who literally called as I was walking out the door, loading my car, and stopping for gas, I finally arrive in Independence. Miles has slept the entire way.
2:45 pm - We finally realize that neither Maestro nor I have eaten lunch, yet. We are standing in the Applebee's parking lot, so we go in to eat. I order applesauce as my side, so Miles has his lunch, too.
3:15 pm - We leave and head for home, stopping at Joann's and Home Fabrics to scope out possibilities for court costume fabric.
4:30 pm - We finally arrive at home. Miles eats another bottle, then plays in his bouncer.
5:00 pm - Miles and I play on the floor for awhile.
5:30 pm - Miles plays by himself again while I quickly type up a blog post.
5:40 pm - I have to stop writing, because Miles needs a diaper change. I click "Save Now"
5:50 pm - After wrestling with Miles to get a poopy diaper off, his butt finally gets clean. Then, I discover he has it on his hand, and now in his belly button. The next 5 minutes are spent cleaning out his navel, as he gets progressively angrier.
5:55 pm - I feed him the remainder of the bottle and soothe him to sleep while I finish typing this with the other hand.

When Patrick gets home in a few minutes, I will be throwing together a chocolate pie, and we will trek down the road for dinner and games with friends. :)

And you wonder why I don't have time to write everyday! :)

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