Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh, noes!!!

I thought about writing a post about the Return of the Snotmonster, since Miles has another cold. And is teething. But seriously, that would end up being a lot of whining about the fact that my kid is whining. Not terribly interesting.

Instead, I shall offer you yet more evidence that I am a Bad Mommy. Can you guess why?

It's a doozy. Think you can handle it?

I haven't started planning his first birthday party, yet! It's ok. I'll wait while you scream in horror at my lack of parenting skills.

I follow a forum board of other mommies with babies about the same age as Miles. Sometimes, it's full of drama. Other times, I learn things. Most of the time, it's very filled with The Drama. Which, I have to confess, is fun to watch when I'm bored.*

Today, The Drama is all about who is behind on choosing the theme for the child's first birthday party! Would you believe that there are a few moms out there with 6 month old babies who still haven't planned out their wee one's first birthday bash? Who haven't bought all of the matching paper plates and napkins? Who haven't rented out the zoo, or the carousel, or some such yet? I mean, seriously, they've only got six months to plan! And their baby will only turn one once!**

So, apparently, I am once again a Bad Mommy. Because I haven't really even thought about Miles' first birthday party. And honestly? It will probably be cake and presents at dinner one week, and maybe a birthday party around Halloween for family. Because I work for a Renaissance Festival. One that runs September 4 through October 11 this year, and keeps all of my weekends during that time entirely full.

Will my poor baby boy be crushed? Will he need therapy for the rest of his life because his Mama put off his birthday party? Or because she didn't plan it for six whole months?

Probably not. Because, let's face it, he won't remember it. Don't get me wrong, I want to celebrate the day he came into the world. And I will. But I don't think it will kill him if I fail to rent an Elephant for it.

*Kinda like a bad reality TV show. . .only better.

**In case you missed that the first time around, go back and read that entire last paragraph in sarcasm font.

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