Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ridiculous Revelation

I realized something today.

My perception of my mommy skills is entirely dependent upon Miles and his mood.

When Miles has a good day, and is a smiling, happy boy, I am Super Mom! I can do anything! I can work! And care for my own child! And keep my house (relatively) clean! And if I want, I can even bake cookies!

Today was an exclamation point sort of day. Miles played with pots and pans and wooden spoons on the kitchen floor while I made dinner. During his (two!) long naps today, I sorted through two years worth of filing that had to be done. My husband came home to a happy wife, a smiling son, a clean house and dinner coming out of the oven.

But when Miles has a bad day, and whines or cries all day, I am Bad Mommy. I can't seem to do anything. I can't work. I can't make my child happy. My house is a disaster. Forget cookies, I'm happy to just get in a shower.

Yesterday was that sort of day. Perhaps it was the teething. Perhaps it was just a bad day. Whatever it was, Miles literally whined for about 80% of the time that he was awake. He whined when I held him. He whined when I put him down. He whined because he was tired, and then whined to keep himself awake. He whined because he was hungry. He whined because the bottle took too long to make. He whined. And whined. And whined. My husband came home to a grouchy wife, a cranky son, a dirty house, and no dinner. In fact, he ended up having to cook while I comforted the baby.

I have tried to find the magic combination for creating an exclamation point day, but I'm sad to say, I haven't found it yet. But, then, it took me five months to realize how directly my son's mood was affecting me so heavily, so it could take awhile. :)

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