Sunday, March 14, 2010

Snake Saturday

Yesterday, Miles participated in his very first parade - the Snake Saturday parade (to celebrate the day St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland).

It was about 40 degrees, and misting throughout the entire parade, so Miles' adorable little gypsy outfit was not visible under the layers of period-appropriate blankets I had wrapped around him. Which, of course, he kept trying to break out of. As we rounded one corner, there was a lady with a microphone announcing each of the sections of the parade. She noticed Miles, and said, "And that gypsy has her baby along!" With his ever-perfect timing, Miles broke out of the blankets and flashed the crowd one of his world-famous smiles. I quickly covered him, but my ham had already managed to steal yet another show. :)

As always, Miles was a trooper. He never complained once. Until we were on the last half of the last block of the parade, when he suddenly decided he had had enough of the cold, and screamed the rest of the way to the car. Once we had gotten him warmed up, though, he was back to his happy, playful self.

All the same, we skipped out on the second parade of the day, and decided to nap in the car while Daddy participated.

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