Friday, March 19, 2010

New Teether = Al Pacino

You weren't supposed to get an update today. I was supposed to be in Topeka visiting Tracy and her four amazing children. Unfortunately, one of them is running a fever, so we can't go. We don't want to expose Miles . . . :(

On the upside, that means that you get an update! Aren't you excited?!? You should be. :)

I offer you further proof that I am a Bad Mommy:

Yes, that is my son, teething on a dill pickle. And yes, that is my hand holding the pickle. I told you I was a Bad Mommy. First, no socks. Second, note the lack of pants. Then, I take my son out to a parade where he gets far too cold. And now, I'm letting him teethe on a pickle.

Before you know it, he's going to be talking like Al Pacino, and looking like this:

What you lookin' at?

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