Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Miles,

Dear Miles,

I don't know how to begin this letter. I hate to always start with "I can't believe how big you're getting," but it's true. I can't. You are six months old. It has been six entire months since I met you. I look back on pictures of you in the hospital, and I cannot fathom how that tiny baby has become the big boy I see today.

This month has been an exciting one for us. You learned to sit up, all by yourself. You are beginning to become frustrated that you cannot move on your own, yet. You began pulling yourself up into a standing position. Some days, I am certain you will walk before you crawl. Other days, you are playing on the floor, and I can see that you are so close to crawling. Whatever happens, it won't be long before you are on the move. And I'm not sure if I'm ready for that, yet. I thought I'd have plenty of time to baby-proof our apartment, and then one day, I looked up and realized that I have to do it soon. Tables will have to be cleared. Outlets will have to be covered. Dangerous objects will have to be put up high, or in drawers or cabinets with baby locks. How is it that my tiny, helpless newborn is already starting to pull things off of the counters when he's held too close?

This month has also been a busy one for us. Monday nights, we usually go to dinner with our Festival family. Tuesdays we spend gaming with friends. Wednesdays are rehearsals. Thursdays are for Shakespeare. Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays we sometimes get to spend at home with Daddy, but not always. And three or four days a week, we go to work. It's a whirlwind life that we lead, and you hardly ever complain. In fact, you seem to enjoy being on the go, and are often happier when we are busy than when we stay at home.

Day by day, I am getting to know you, learning more and more about your personality. And day by day, I am proud of what I see. You truly love everyone you meet. You will happily go play with anyone, and you have a special smile that you reserve for your favorite people. You smile at your Daddy, and stare at him with wide eyes when he talks to you. You get excited and jump up and down when Stacey walks in the door. You have a soft smile and a warm cuddle ready when you see Portia. You laugh hysterically when your Papo plays with you at the office. You know exactly how to make each person happy. Papo describes you as the bright spot in our world, and though our world is pretty wonderful, he is right. You are the bright spot. You are the one who brings sunshine into the rainiest of days.

My wonderful, dear little monster. I love you, more than you know. You have changed my world in so many ways. And even though I am sometimes overwhelmed by our crazy, whirlwind life, I would never change a second of it, because I get to be with you. You are the best thing I've ever done in my entire life.

I love you, Stink.


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