Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ahh, Springtime!

I love that spring is finally here. The winter this year seemed to drag on forever, and was so incredibly cold. I spent so many days just waiting for warmer weather.

Now that it has finally arrived, Miles and I are making the best of it. (And, if it's a weekend, we drag Patrick along, too!) :)

We are spending every spare moment we can find outside, enjoying the sunshine. Most days, it looks something like this:

We pack Miles up in the car, complete with shades* and a paci.**

And we head off to the park, to play in the swings. This happened to be one of the days that Patrick came along, and the two of them had enormous amounts of fun playing together.

Or, we head off for a walk along the paths around the park.

Or, we simply spread out a blanket and enjoy the sunshine while lounging in the grass.

Regardless, though, this is usually the scene in the car by the time we get back home:

We hope you are enjoying the gorgeous weather as much as we are!

*Which he pulled off two seconds after this picture. And threw at me. He leaves no room for misunderstanding when he has an Opinion.

**Which he spit at me about five seconds after throwing his shades at me.

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