Saturday, April 24, 2010

Always the Individual . . .

Um, so I realized something the other day, and it's a little strange. For a variety of reasons. Mostly, though, because I just realized it the other day. (Which probably makes me a Bad Mommy, but what's new there?)

My son may be a redhead.

I was looking at his eyebrows, and realized they are very red. So, I examined his hair in the sunlight, and while it is definitely not tomato red, by any means, there is a definite strawberry tint to his blond tresses.

In my defense, he is just starting to get enough hair that you can see what color it is. It doesn't even really show up in pictures, yet. But trust me, once you see it, it is unmistakably a strawberry blond.

Which I find strange, considering that there is no red hair (that I know of) on either side. I know it's one of those things that just shows up sometimes, but in most cases, there is a redhead somewhere in the family. I now have the urge to interrogate every member of our family for four generations and find out where this strawberry tint comes from. Mostly because I'm neurotic like that, but also because it would be neat to be able to tell Miles that he has red hair just like great-aunt so-and-so.

I guess I shouldn't be so surprised, though. Miles is, as always, one unique little boy. :)

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