Monday, April 12, 2010


I had planned to write earlier, but well, crying baby happened. In a big way. For two hours straight. For no apparent reason.

I blame teething. Stupid teeth.

Anyhow, this is not about me whining about my kid whining, 'cuz that's just ridiculous, ya know?*

The point is: I'm incredibly lucky.

I know, I know. Those last few lines just seem kinda contradictory, don't they? But they're not. And I'm going to tell you why, right now, instead of rambling on like I have been thus far.**

I'm incredibly lucky because in the midst of this crying spree, at my wit's end, I finally accessed one of my favorite resources: a forum board of other mommies. Nice ones - not the poopy-faced ones that gripe at each other all day. I only go to that board when I'm bored. Anyhow, I tell them what's going on, and within minutes, I have 5 responses. Most of them reassure me it's probably just teething, and there's not much to be done. But they offer me e-hugs, and support, and a voice of experience to say "It won't last forever." Blessing number one.

I'm incredibly lucky because when the forum boards had little to offer other than sympathy, I sent a text message to my husband, expressing my frustration. Partially because I needed to vent, and partially looking for suggestions that I may have forgotten in the mind-numbing white noise of endless crying. Fifteen minutes later, he walked in the door, took Miles, and told me to go get ice cream. Blessing number two.

I'm incredibly lucky because when I was getting my things together to go get ice cream, Stacey showed up at the door, as if on cue. She listened to me ramble as I drove to Dairy Queen, and continually reassured me that I was not a terrible mother, and that everyone has bad days. She sat in the sunlight and ate ice cream with me. And when the time was right, she gently guided the conversation away from Miles so that I could stop stressing for a few minutes. Blessing number three.

When we returned, Miles was sleeping soundly, and the three of us sat around kibbitzing for a little while before going to dinner. Miles woke up in a better mood, and our evening went smoothly, and all was well.

And I'm incredibly lucky because the day is over, and I can sleep now. Blessing number four.

*Apparently, I've been reading too many other blogs and their 'voice' is rubbing off. I'm in such need of sleep that I'm taking on the e-personality of random individuals I've never met. Great.

**And then I'm going to bed. Wow, I need the sleep.

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