Monday, April 26, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend Part 1

What a crazy, busy weekend we've had. Even more so, if you include Friday, when we purchased a new minivan (yep, I'm officially a Mom, now), went fabric shopping with the girls for our Festival costumes, and drove to our hometown for a visit in our new van.

We had to drive down Friday because Saturday morning was their Renaissance Festival! Patrick and I dressed in our courtly best, wrangled Miles into a pair of tights* and a tabbard, and walked elegantly about the Festival.**

We checked in with Patrick's family, who are major Movers and Shakers at that Festival, and they cooed over their adorable grandbaby as much as they could, while still attending to their duties. We said hello to the pack of traveling gypsies that came down from our Festival to perform.**** And then Miles was baby-napped by Patrick's sister while we went to flag down my mother, who came to take Miles for the rest of the day. I'm sure it absolutely broke her heart to have to baby-sit. :)

And Patrick and I got the opportunity to do something we've never done before - play husband and wife at a Festival. We walked in their parade, waving and shouting, gathering children to join us. We were presented to the King and Queen,^ who bestowed gifts of jewelry to us. We walked about the Festival, greeting patrons, and generally just enjoying ourselves. And I recruited for our Festival every step of the way. :)

And then we were honored to witness a very special ceremony. This particular Festival is based around the SCA, in which certain honors can be earned. In this instance, we watched as Patrick's mother was knighted. It was raining, his father teared up halfway through, and Patrick had to finish his letter for him, but it was a beautifully moving little ceremony. And I can't think of another person in the world who deserved it more.

And then we received the phone call from my mother. After weeks of trying, Miles had crawled for the very first time. I wanted to cry for the joy for him, and for sorrow that I missed it. Luckily, my mom caught the whole thing on video, quite accidentally. And it was only a 'step' or two.^* Hopefully, I will get to see more of it soon. :)

The Festival being over early, due to rain, we all went to dinner, picking up my mother, Miles, and Patrick's grandmother along the way. We talked and ate and laughed and looked on in joy as Miles did one adorable thing after another. And as the evening drew to a close, we stood around our new van, reluctant to miss a moment with these wonderful people we call family.

But in the end, we had to get on the road back home. Because Sunday was bringing a whole new adventure.

Which I will share with you tomorrow! :)

* Because not enough people think he looks like a girl, yet. The eyelashes just aren't doing it, anymore. :)

** Well, as elegantly as you can while still wrestling an almost-seven-month-old baby.***

*** Oh, goodness. Seven months. I'm hyperventilating. Get me a paper bag! :)

**** And they were amazing. Or so I hear. I couldn't manage to get a spot where I could see anything because the crowd was so thick. :)

^ Who I've known forever. Only, I used to know them as the Captain and First Officer of the Star Trek club I grew up in. Yeah, I had the Best Parents Ever. :)

^* I know it's not a step, but what do you call it when he completes one complete cycle of crawling? He moved both hands and both knees, and managed to scoot the distance of a few inches. Is there a word for a unit of crawling? If not, there should be. ^*^

^*^ I really need to draw to a close. My footnote symbols are beginning to look like emoticons. :)

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