Monday, June 7, 2010

Obligatory Post . . .

So, I know I owe you a nice long post about where I've been lately. But you're not getting one. I'm too tired, and I really ought to be cleaning my house instead of blogging. Instead you get a list, because I like lists. Enjoy.

Reasons I Haven't Blogged Lately:
  • Special Olympics. I promise a post about this someday when I've had a little more sleep.
  • 4 days in Wichita. Went down for Special Olympics and spend every spare moment with family. It was wonderful, except for:
  • Miles hasn't slept through the night since Thursday. He had to sleep on the bed between us while we were there, and that resulted in zero sleep for him, which meant:
  • I haven't slept through the night since Thursday. Ugh.
  • Miles is teething. Times four. Yep, four new teeth trying to come through on the top. Two of them have surfaced, but we're still waiting for the other two.
  • Miles has stopped napping. Between teething and being overtired from not sleeping well at night, he has had one two hour nap in the past four days - and that was in the car. Everything else has been cat naps.
  • My house is a disaster. Crawling babies plus awesomely random gifts from grandparents equals toys covering my floor. Literally. Constantly.
  • Heroes. Yep, the TV show. I'm finally watching it, and goodness gracious, but it's addicting. I'm only a few episodes into the first season, and it's taking everything in me to turn it off after one episode a day.
  • Work. It's crazy. End of story.
  • And, last but not least, I haven't really felt like it. Don't know why.
So, that's it. I'll be back eventually. Really, I will . . .

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