Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As you may have guessed from yesterday's photo, we finally managed to take Miles to the swimming pool. He looked so cute in his little swimsuit, with his hair spiked up like a mad scientist because of the sunscreen I had to put on his head. So, of course, we took a ton of pictures before he even got in.

Then came the Moment of Truth. I got into the pool, and Patrick handed him down to me.

For a long while, we just stood there, staring at the expanse of water. He clung to me as if anxious about this new experience, but his eyes were wide, and his eyebrows were knit in concentration. He was intrigued. Slowly, tentatively, he splashed at the water, still uncertain.

Then, Patrick joined us in the pool. Miles reached for his Daddy, and I passed him off, helping him to float through the water to him. He grabbed Daddy, but then immediately turned and began splashing. Patrick held him under the arms, allowing him to dangle in the water, and pulled him around the pool slowly. Within minutes, Miles was kicking and laughing, showing off for the two women sitting on the side of the pool.

We spent the next twenty minutes playing in the water, all three of us laughing constantly. But, eventually, it was time to get out of the pool and go home. As we walked home, dripping and smiling, Miles stared back at the pool, as if ready to go back already.

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