Thursday, June 10, 2010

Put Your Hands In the Air!

Can you tell that the roller coaster of my life has just plunged down that first, terrifying, sky-high hill?

Festival rehearsals started this week. After spending last week preparing for Special Olympics, and the weekend in Wichita for it, I came back to a messy house, a teething baby,* and a week full of rehearsals.

Tuesday was our first court rehearsal, where I got to meet all of the wonderful new court members. I may just love this court - they're all kinda awesome. Last night was Apprentice meeting - a required rehearsal for all first through third year performers. It was also awesome. In fact, based on the people I saw last night, I know this is going to be an amazing year. And tonight is Kancheskera rehearsal. It's time to start putting together a gypsy kids' show! :)

Meanwhile, I've been spending my days with Miles at home, helping him to return to some semblance of routine while I wait for word from on high that I can finally start getting paid for my job. It's probably best that I haven't been at the office, because seriously, this kid has been sleeping like crazy. And in between his 2-hour-long naps, he wants to sit on the couch next to me, nomming on cereal and occasionally laying his head on me. Putting him on the floor is acceptable for a few minutes at a time, but goodness forbid that I walk out of the room.

It really could be much worse, acutally. Having four teeth coming in simultaneously would turn most babies in to those shrieking monkeys that you can always hear from outside the zoo. Miles is quiet, and really hasn't cried much at all. He just wants to be close to Patrick or me, cuddling close for a bit of comfort. And sleeping. A lot. Which should equal more regular blog updates, but I'm trying to spend that time returning my house to some semblance of order, and preparing for each night of rehearsals as they come.

Speaking of which, I have dishes to do, a character survey to write, and lesson planning to do for tonight's rehearsal. So, adieu, until I find five minutes to post again! :)

*Seriously. Four at once. What is with this kid? He doesn't do anything by half. . .

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