Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Happy Black Friday!

Hope your Thanksgiving was amazing.  Ours was great.  We ate too much, visited with family, played games, and then went across the street to my family's gathering and did it all again.  I would love to do a Friday Photos today, but the internet connection that comes through my phone takes forever to upload even one picture.  And for some reason, Patrick's 93 year old grandmother doesn't have high speed wireless available for us.  Weird. :)

So, instead, you get another day of my mad ramblings.  Since I can't do Friday Photos, I will instead share some of the adorable things Miles has been doing lately, and allow your imagination to fill in the pictures.

  • We have an old back scratcher that had gone in the Goodwill box.  It has a curved top and, for some strange reason, wheels on the other end (maybe to give yourself a mini back rub?).  Anyhow, Miles pulled it out and has been 'vacuuming' with it.  Sometimes, he will even make the "vrrrrrrr" noise while he does it.
  • Miles likes to 'help' with dinner, now.  Whenever someone is cooking, he gets into his cabinet and pulls out all of his pots and pans and bangs them around on the floor.  The other night, he then picked up one of the pots and handed it to me, trying to get me to put it on the stove.
  • He likes to "squish" faces - or have me do it.  I put my hands on either side of those chubby cheeks and press in a little until he's got a fish face.  Then I do it to myself.  He thinks it's hysterical.
  • He's fascinated by any minor change to my face.  When I pull him up in my lap, I give myself finger-glasses (where you make spectacles out of your fingers).  He starts giggling immediately, and then pulls my finger-glasses onto his own face.  Then he'll lean in until we're eye to eye, with only my fingers in between.  He will giggle for several minutes at a go when that happens.
  • He has learned how to tickle.  Any exposed flesh gets a poke, and if you don't giggle, he'll poke even harder until you do.  He also likes to lift my shirt about an inch so he can see my belly, and then tickle me.  He usually gets tickled back at that point, and a vicious cycle ensues, usually resulting in both of us lying on the floor giggling uncontrollably.
  • His language skills are progressing so fast.  Kids his age generally have one or two words.  Miles has about 8-10, and another dozen or so that we can interpret.  And he now has about 15 signs, including more, help, please, thank you, and music, which get used the most.  When he starts throwing a tantrum, I can often de-escalate it by asking him to sign or tell me what he wants.  His only real meltdowns come when he is either really tired, or when he can't find the word or sign he wants.  And I'm really proud of the fact that he uses the sign for 'please' every time he asks for something.  We're working on 'thank you'.
I could go on and on, but there is leftover turkey to eat, and relatives to visit.  Enjoy your weekend, and I will post again on Monday!

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