Monday, November 8, 2010

New Skills

Miles amazes me, every day, in a myriad of new ways.

Sure, he knows how to play pat-a-cake. And how to go up and down stairs. And about a dozen different signs. And give hugs, and blow kisses. He knows all sorts of amazing things. And now, we can add a new skill to his repertoire: the high five!

This weekend, Bethany taught him to high five. Of course, she taught him by tickling him after each one, so every time he high fives you, he immediately clutches his arms to his sides to protect himself from tickles. It's kinda adorable, I won't lie. :)

In other news, he's also learned how to throw things off the second story from behind the railing. . .

Ah, well. Some milestones you celebrate. Others you just sigh, shake your head, and try to move past. :)

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