Thursday, November 18, 2010


You may have noticed a new button to your right, there.  That is a button I am very proud of, even though I really didn't have to do much to earn it.  Yet.  Yesterday afternoon, my blog was accepted by Top Mommy Blogs!  I am very excited, as this has the potential to bring in some new readers, which is apparently what this whole "blog" thing is all about.*

To make their listings more efficient and standardized and easy to navigate, the Mysterious They have separated their mommy blogs into different categories: working moms, stay-at-home moms, couponing moms, giveaway moms,** moms of multiples, and so on.  And so, once more, I find myself trying, unsuccessfully, to define this life I live.

I am every inch a Working Mom.  I work at an office, almost every day, and I earn a paycheck.  I could write volumes on my job, but trust me, I am definitely a working mom.  But, I find that I don't really connect with other working moms very well.  In my experience, one of the primary topics of discussion amongst working moms is daycare - the process of choosing one, the guilt that comes with leaving your child, etc., etc.

Which is one thing I have no experience with, because I have been incredibly blessed with the ability to bring my child to work with me.  Every day.  My experiences and struggles revolve around trying desperately to talk on the telephone while responding to an e-mail, and entertain Miles so he doesn't scream bloody murder and disrupt the entire office.  I work, but I'm also my child's primary caregiver, 24 hours a day.

Which is why I very much relate to the Stay-at-Home Mom.  I am the one who is primarily responsible for the care and feeding of this rare creature known as the Miles Monster.  I am also the one who does the majority of the housework, the cooking, and the errands.  But I find that I have a hard time connecting with other stay-at-home moms, too.  Stay-at-home moms tend to talk about the loneliness of being alone with their children all day, every day.  When I visit the SAHM forums, there is always someone reaching out, wishing for just an ounce of adult interaction.

And here is where I stop being able to relate, as well.  I go to the office every day.  My job is to interact with other adults all day long, often to the point that I come home wanting only to interact with my child for awhile. To stop being an adult, with worries and stress and deadlines and reports, and just be with my kid, rolling around on the floor, being silly.  I am a Full-time mom, but I also work.

Which is the reason I refer to myself as a Full-time mom.  No other label seems to fit. :)

Disclaimer: I mean absolutely no offense to either Working Moms, or Stay-at-Home Moms.  I know I have overly simplified your motivations and choices.  I assure you, it was only to make a point about how I feel I fit (or don't fit) into those categories.  Every mom makes the choice that is best for her children, her family, and her sanity, and I would never wish to offend any of you.

*I can't believe I missed that memo for the past year. . . :)

**Moms who do giveaways, not moms who get given away.  Cuz that would just be awkward. :)

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