Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet Daphne

I have a new friend that I think you all need to meet. World, meet Daphne...

Yes, Daphne, my brand-new (refurbished) Notebook computer. Yep. This thing is the size, shape, and weight of a decent hardback book, with all the functionality of a basic laptop.*

Daphne is the newest member of our computer family. Way back when Patrick was naming his desktop computer**, he chose the name Aggamemnon, mainly because he liked the sound of it. Then, a few years later, he acquired a laptop. He chose to name it "Odysseus," to go with the theme. My laptop was then dubbed "Penelope," because in The Odyssey, Penelope is Odysseus' wife. Patrick's smart phone became "Telemachas," their son. My smart phone became "Calypso," the nymph who detained Odysseus for several years.***

Daphne, a sister nymph, just seemed like an appropriate name for my little roving distraction.

Not that you cared to know all of that, but it's my blog, so I'll say whatever I want, and you'll keep reading on the off chance that a picture of Miles shows up.

Like this:

Yes, it's a really outdated picture, but you don't care, do you? You're just gushing over the cuteness, aren't you?

Tune in tomorrow, when I may actually write about Miles for a change. Or not. Now that I have reliable access to a computer for a change, I can write as often as I wish, on any topic that suits my fancy.

But, you'll keep coming back, hoping for another random picture of Miles. :)

*Minus the CD drive, but really, who uses that anymore?

**Yes, we name our computers. Who doesn't?

***I can totally see that happening with my phone.

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