Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Thanksgiving, Darnit!

I know this has been said over and over again, but I just have to state for the record that I hate when Christmas comes too early.

When I was a kid, I once told my mother that I wished Christmas was every day. My mother, like most sane people in the world, wisely stated that too much of a good thing is bad for you.

Well, it's gotten to be too much.

Christmas displays go up in the stores as early as September. Now, I love Christmas and all, but not next to the skeleton candy dishes.

September through December - four months of Christmas.

Then, there's the inevitable "after-Christmas" hubbub, which lasts most of January - until Valentine's Day generally appears around the end of the month.

January - one month

Then, for those who just can't wait for December to roll around again, there's this insanity known as Christmas in July.

July - one more month

All told, the stores are shoving Christmas down our throats for six solid months - that's half of every year. And I, for one, am tired.

I want to enjoy Christmas again. I want it to be something I anticipate as Thanksgiving approaches - rather than dread the sight of when I'm shopping for Halloween costumes. I want to close my eyes on Thanksgiving night, excited about the upcoming Christmas season. And awaken the day after to my first Christmas song of the year.

Part of my issue is that we have begun to skate directly from Halloween to Christmas, completely skipping my favorite holiday. I love Thanksgiving. It's the only holiday that really can't be commercialized - it's about food and family and football. There's not much you can do to ruin that combination. And it's one of two days of the year that my family gets together without (much) arguing. We fast until the dinner is ready - usually at least an hour later than planned - and then we gorge ourselves silly. The men retire to the living room to doze off and on throughout the football game, while the women (and any men who dislike sports) move to the kitchen table for cards or board games. It's a very peaceful day, full of warmth and the friendship of family.

I just wish I could enjoy it before the Christmas songs start.

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