Saturday, December 4, 2010

Battles & Blessings

I am privileged to be a part of a wonderful community of mommies.  These ladies are supportive, friendly, honest, and kind.  Some days, they are the only thing that helps me keep my sanity.  And I've never met a single one of them.

When I was planning my wedding,* I found this wonderful site called The Knot.  It was a great resource for brides-to-be.  I used it to find vendors, get ideas, and most importantly, check items off of their handy-dandy checklist.  Once I was married, I checked out their post-marriage sister-site, The Nest, but it was never really for me.  However, when I found out I was pregnant, I discovered the third part of their little conglomeration:

The Bump.

It had articles and checklists, which I loved reading, but best of all, it had a forum-based community of other women who were going through exactly what I was.  Almost two years later, some of the women I met there have become friends.  Many more have become acquaintances that I sometimes pester with questions and random vents about my life.**

My favorite board is the Stay-at-Home Moms Board.  It's full of women that are intelligent and level-headed, and is refreshingly free of the drama that seems to plague many of the other boards.  Don't get me wrong: sometimes it's fun to read the drama, but when I have a serious question, I'm heading straight for "my board."

One of my favorite traditions on that board is the weekly "Battles and Blessings" post.  It makes me think about not only the rough patches I've had, but also the little joys that come with being a mom.

So, with my overly-long explanation out of the way, here is my first installment of Battles & Blessings.


  • Miles and I both have colds, so we have both been cranky and tired all week.
  • Naps have been almost non-existent all week.  And with them, any 'me-time' I usually manage to squeeze out during the day.

  • One of my bestest friends found out that she is pregnant.  I am so excited for her, and I cannot wait to see what an amazing mom she will be.
  • My forum boards, especially the stay-at-home moms board.  It has kept me from going entirely insane.
  • Dominic is turning out to be a terrific addition to our family, and the transition, so far, has been much easier than I might have expected (knockonwood).
  • I have been able to spend two nights this week in the company of friends who truly accept me as I am, faults and all.
  • My wonderful and amazing husband has worked extra hard to make sure I get at least some time to myself when he gets home from work.  He has taken over bedtime duty and overnight duty a few times this week, which has made the week so much more bearable.
  • Christmas is coming, and with it, the opportunity to start some fun family traditions with Miles.

I'm sure I have a dozen more blessings to write up, but Miles has awoken crying.  Again.  So, farewell for now, and enjoy your weekend. :)

*It seems like a lifetime ago.  Has it only been 3.5 years?

**Because it's Oh, So Tragic, ya' know?***

*** I have no idea where Miles gets his dramatic flair.  Why do you ask?


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