Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Butt Cream!

In Miles' short life, I have had the pleasure of causing him to laugh on many occasions.  With tickles, and silly faces, and random noises.

And the other day, with Butt Cream.

Diaper changes in recent months have become a test of skill and speed.  The challenge is to hold him down with one hand, while removing the old diaper, wiping him down, and putting on a new diaper with the other hand.  Meanwhile, he is twisting and turning and doing everything he can think of to try and escape my grasp so he can throw himself headfirst off the changing table.

So, we try to distract him.  Toys are useless.  The wipes container will do in a pinch, if you're quick.  But the real fascination is in the tube of Butt Cream.  He'll turn it over and over, chew on one end, and stare at it as though it might suddenly do tricks.

When I handed him the tube the other day, he said, "This?" and held it up to me, asking for the word.

"Butt cream," I explained.

The peal of giggles that emanated from him was so genuine and sudden that I dropped the clean diaper.  I looked at him as I picked it up, and repeated,

"Butt cream!"

The giggles started afresh, and I continued chanting "Butt cream! Butt cream!" over and over again, all the while bobbing my head to the rhythm.  By the time his pants were back on, we were both breathless from laughing.

It wasn't until I was telling the story to Patrick much later that I realized:  I've lost my mind.  And for the most part, I kinda like it. :)

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  1. Oh, it looks like we DO have a lot in common, nothing like a tube of butt cream to keep them happy. It's great most of the time, except for that one incident when mine sucked on the tube without the cover.. oops.

    If this happens to you, do not panic. If anything, I think the butt cream made her slightly smarter.