Saturday, December 11, 2010

Battles & Blessings

This week has passed a bit more quickly than I would have anticipated, given how looooong last week was.  Hope yours went well, and that you are enjoying your weekend!


  • Miles went to bed late on Tuesday, and refused to sleep all day Wednesday.  He was a bear, I was frustrated, and nothing much was accomplished.
  • I struggle to find the motivation to work while Miles is sleeping.  I am nearly always tired, but I hate to nap while he does, because I never know how long it will last.
  • We're still struggling with the fact that Miles will often scream and/or struggle for half an hour or more when it's naptime or bedtime.  I had kinda hoped that sleep would have become a non-issue by now.  Some days, I still wake up wondering how much longer before he sleeps well.
  • I have an all-day rehearsal today, followed by Patrick's work Christmas party.  While I am looking forward to the events, I am not looking forward to the fact that I probably won't see much of Miles today.  Don't worry, he's sleeping as I write this, so I'm not wasting precious time. :)

  • This week was in no way like last week.  Miles was happier, overall, and there was far less screaming. Also, less snot.
  • Miles gave me his first real hug on Thursday.  Normally, when I ask for a hug, he will lean against me, and allow me to hug him.  Thursday, he stood up, wrapped both arms around my neck, and squeezed. My heart glowed.
  • Patrick has, as always, been amazing this week.  I am so incredibly blessed to be married to him.
  • I carved out an hour on Wednesday to do some basic crafting.  It's been awhile, and I really enjoyed it.  Plus, Miles now has a personalized clock to hang on his wall. :)
  • Most of my Christmas shopping is finished!
  • Our Christmas cards arrived and I love them.  I will give you a preview of them next week.
  • Gifts we ordered are beginning to arrive, minimizing my crazy paranoia that they won't be here in time for Christmas - even though it's still early.
  • We are celebrating Christmas with some of our favorite zany friends on Sunday.  There promises to be much food, many gifts, and tons of laughs.  It will be wonderful to see everyone again!

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