Saturday, April 9, 2011

Battles & Blessings

  • Time.  It seems to be working against me this week, and flying by before I have a chance to finish everything I need to do.
  • A toddler who is teething (still), and going through a growth spurt.  Add in the crazy weather patterns, and it's been a whiny, clingy week.
  • Breathing.  Though, this is partially my own fault, since I forgot to refill my asthma medication.  Add in the massive amounts of allergens in the air, and I am an itchy, breathless mess.
  • Finding balance between all of the things I've committed to do, while still managing to take care of myself.  Not an easy task.

  • Warm weather.  Oh, how I love being able to go outdoors without a coat.  I just want to bask in the sun all day.
  • Baby goats. :)
  • A toddler who, even at his worst, is still the sweetest, most cuddly boy ever.  
  • Productivity.  Though I haven't managed to finish everything I wanted to this week, I have gotten a lot accomplished this week.  Some things that have been pending for awhile.  It's nice to at least have a start on getting caught up.
  • Modern medicine.  With the return of panic attacks last week (because I was dumb and forgot my meds), I appreciate the absence of them even more this week.  Thank goodness for medication that helps me face the world without having a freak-out at random moments.
  • Sleep.  Miles has been sleeping in until 8:00 this week (probably due to that growth spurt).  I have taken full advantage of this by ignoring my alarm clock and staying in bed until I hear him squawk.
  • Patrick.  As always, he is amazing.  

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