Monday, April 11, 2011

Lessons of Mommyhood

In place of Bad Mommy Mondays, I've opted to start a new tradition called Lessons of Mommyhood..  It could have also been called "Things Motherhood Has Taught Me", but that's just a mouthful.

So, with no further adieu, the Lessons of Mommyhood: Chapter 1.
  1. Always check pockets, openings, socks, etc. for crayons before putting clothes in the washer.  Yellow and green spots on every piece of clothing are never in style. (Sadly. . .)
  2. If you didn't heed #1, stain remover and extremely hot water will remove crayon stains. Yay!
  3. No matter how cute it seemed at first, every noise-making toy becomes annoying after the millionth iteration.
  4. Dogs are better than vacuum cleaners when it comes to cleaning up toddler crumbs.  Unfortunately, they're not so good at cleaning up the small bits of trash that toddlers create.  Note to self: teach dog to throw away trash.
  5. My drink is far more interesting than his.  Even if mine is empty.
  6. If the toddler has hidden his cup, and it has been missing for more than a week, just plan to throw it away when you find it.  That stench will never come out.
  7. "Baby-proofing" is seen as a challenge to toddlers.  If there's a way to defeat it, they will find it.  If there is no way to defeat it, they will use their toddler magic to make one.
  8. Nothing is out of reach for a creative child. Nothing.
  9. It's only fun if it makes a huge mess.
  10. Kisses and love solve every hurt.  This is as true for Mommy as it is for Miles.

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