Tuesday, April 26, 2011


As I have mentioned on a few occasions, Miles seems to be in love with all animals, wherever he encounters them.  Whether it's the neighbor's dog, our cat deigning to come upstairs for a few moments, or the goats at the children's farm, Miles has a deep love for all creatures.

And, as you can imagine, this love is not limited to living creatures, but also extends to stuffed animals and the like.  One of his favorites is the rocking horse he got from his grandfather for Christmas.  He loves to rock on it, shouting "Rock!" at the top of his lungs over and over again.

Yesterday afternoon, I turned on the television for a few minutes' reprieve.  I had intended to turn to Qubo, but the reception was horrific, and thus, nothing would come on.  So, I was flipping channels, trying to find anything else to entertain him for a few moments.  I stopped on each channel, only to have him shake his head and say, "uh-uh", time after time.  Until I got to PBS, and a documentary about wild horses in the Rockies.  He stared, enthralled, for a few seconds, then whispered in awe, "Rock."

We watched that documentary for a full thirty minutes before I finally turned it off. :)

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