Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wearing the 'Working Mom' Hat

Yesterday was wonderful.

It was a typical day at the office - complete with fires to be put out (figuratively), meltdowns to be managed (also figuratively), and a hyper toddler screaming with joy as he made laps around the office (very definitely literally).

It was a day full of moments that are so very indicative of my life.

Like the moment when Miles was playing with my office phone, talking to the invisible person on the other end, and taking notes.  Meanwhile, I was using one hand to hold down the phone button (so he wasn't actually calling people), and the other to scroll through a document I was proofing.

Or the moment when I was sitting in a co-worker's office, discussing our budget for the year, and Miles came running in, wrapping himself around my legs, before shooting off to give hugs to someone else.

Or the moment when, while making corrections to a document, I heard the sound of running water and had to run to stop Miles from playing in the water cooler.  Again.

Miles falling asleep on my chest at lunch, while I finished off my tacos, and discussed business and life with my boss.

My monkey-boy, climbing up to sit on my desk and play with my pens, taking them out of the cup, and putting them back again, over and over and over, while I worked.

Answering the phone, only to have Miles ask if he could 'call mah-maw'.  When I informed him that Grammy was working, he said, "call gpaw?"  And then talked to his Grandpa for about ten minutes.

Miles dancing to the rhythm of the copy machine.

Generating staging solutions while Miles went on a site walk with our grounds coordinator and my boss, and enjoying the rare gift of being able to focus on one thing at a time.

Kissing a finger that had been pinched by a toy.

Rolling up pant legs.  Repeatedly.

Laughing at my son's obvious joy in a rather loud toot.  And then watching everyone clear the room from his stench.

Following Miles through the office at the end of the day, so he could wave bye-bye and blow kisses to everyone.  Twice.

What a beautiful, perfect day.

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