Saturday, February 19, 2011

Battles & Blessings


  • Sleep issues continue to plague us.  Fighting at naptimes.  Waking up an hour earlier than usual.  All in all, same old stuff.
  • A crankiness that may be sleep-related, or possibly teething?  It's so hard to guess.
  • My arch-nemesis, Tuesday.
  • This ridiculous rash that we can't seem to kick.
  • Miles is getting more and more picky about his food.  I'm trying to remain chill about it, but it's tough.
  • No Shakespeare night this week.  I missed it greatly.

  • Patrick.  So supportive.  And sweet.
  • Miles.  He is learning at an amazing rate.  He astonishes me daily.
  • The weather.  Oh, my, but it's been beautiful.  It is so nice to open the windows again.
  • I think I've figured out the sleep issues.  I think Miles is trying to transition from two naps to one, and I've been trying to hold him to his old schedule.
  • In spite of his rash, and his pickiness, and everything else, Miles really has been an angel this week.  
  • Heart-warming compliments on my writing from random internet-strangers.  Seriously, it made my week, in a very nerdy way. :)
  • An opportunity to spend a day with Aunt Ninell.  I love that woman.  She is such a riot.
  • My job.  I am really and truly blessed to be able to bring my son with me, and to work with people who have become friends to both of us.

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