Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Science Museum

Saturday morning, Miles and I made the twenty minute trek to our nearest science museum.  We played in water, and did several other fun things.  Then, I remembered I had the camera.  So, here is an overview of our adventures. Enjoy! :)

Playing at the train table in the toddler room.

Wearing a foam ring as a crown. Still in the toddler room.

The truck at the indoor playground.  We played here for quite
awhile, as well.

Playing with the magnetic gears.  He had a great time figuring
out how they worked.  So cute. :)

Riding the glass elevator.  He loved watching everything go by,
and the doors that wrapped around as they opened and closed.

And playing in the musical garden.  The rock garden sang,
the floor is a piano, and the trash cans are drums.  It was
the perfect place for my mini-musician. :)

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