Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mommy's Little Mimic

I have to tell you, I am loving toddlerhood.  The independence.  The personality.  The communication.

One of my favorite things, though, is having my own personal mimic.  It's hysterical (and a little bit scary) to see him act out things he has seen me do.  And it's not always immediately.  On the contrary, it's often hours - or even days - later, when he suddenly breaks out with something unexpected.

Most recently, it was a dance move.  To be fair, this kid has been copying dance moves for ages - he was copying gypsy dances before his first birthday.  But, Monday was the first time he has copied my silliness and turned it into a dance move.

Let me back up and explain, for those who don't have toddlers, that one of the best ways to entertain them is with a dance party.  Turn on the tunes and just go for it.  The crazier your moves, the more they enjoy it.  So, while listening to Remarkable Cows from Sandra Boynton's Philadelphia Chickens CD,* Mommy broke out her Rockette's style kick-line.  All by myself.  And I may or may not have fallen over at the end of it.  But only because I was kicking and shaking my foot wildly to induce a Giggle Fit.

Two hours later, when Miles played the ABC song on his music table, I saw those same high kicks coming from my son.  He was shrieking with laughter, wiggling his butt, waving his arms, and kicking his leg up every couple of steps.  When the song ended, he fell over backward and wiggled his feet for all he was worth.

And then, of course, he applauded himself.

*Seriously, go find this book/CD combo if you have a toddler.  It is  Bar none.

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