Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cloth (Part 2)

Having discovered through internet research that the all-in-twos were the way we wanted to go, we had only to choose the brand.  We went to a local cloth diapering store,* and looked through their all-in-two options, and ultimately chose the cheapest.  Because, really, we couldn't tell any difference beyond that.

In fact, they looked almost identical to the pocket diapers we had already tried.
The difference, as I said yesterday, is in the lack of pocket.  The liner simply lays inside the diaper, and tucks in on either end.  Easy peasy.  Wet diaper?  Remove the liner, wipe down the cover, replace liner.  Dirty diaper?  Remove the liner, wipe down the cover, replace liner.  That's it.  After a few diaper changes, wash the cover and the liners together, hang the cover up to dry, and toss the liners in the dryer.  The covers dry so quickly, they're often dry at the same time as the liners.

Oh, but what if you're on the go?  Who wants to carry around nasty wet or stinky liners?

Well, you have two options.  You could buy a wet bag, and carry everything home, then dump everything in the washer.

Or, you can buy disposable liners.  For about half the cost of a disposable diaper.  And like the cloth liners, you simply pull it out, wipe down the cover, and put in a new one.  The only difference is that you can then drop the liner in the trash.  Or the toilet, since they're flush-able.  Either way, they're as easy as disposables on the go, and much cheaper in the long run.

Besides, who doesn't love this cute little cloth-diapered baby bum?


*Did I say "a cloth diapering store" because I meant "the only cloth diapering store in the area

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