Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The weekend where everything happened at once

We went to Denver.  Drove the entire thirteen hours on Friday, stayed for two days, then drove then entire thirteen hours in the opposite direction.  Whirlwind trip is an understatement.  And yet, in the four five days since I left:
  • The Festival held secondary auditions and prepared the cast list without me.
  • Nine gazillion people returned their contracts, making for a pleasingly large pile of work to welcome me back.
  • Miles started saying a bazillion new words, phrases, and even some sentences.  Favorites include: "Awant cook, pease," "Bess ooo" [Bless You], and the ever-popular, "Coco took it!"*
  • I learned that new allergens + altitude change + carsickness = one uncomfortable Mommy.
  • Grandmother LaDean, who is a beautiful 83 years young (and the primary reason for our visit to Denver), came down with a pretty nasty bladder infection that landed her in the hospital.  She is doing better, now, but it was kinda scary there for awhile.
  • Stacey finished a ridiculous amount of sewing for the various costumes she is making for performers.
  • Stacey and Bethany ran a rather successful rehearsal for my children's dancing group.
  • I took almost a thousand pictures.
  • We covered over 1100 miles laterally, and almost as much in altitude.
  • We discovered that certain SUV's are incredibly cool, but have ridiculously uncomfortable seats.
  • The owner of our faire visited while I was out and turned our world upside down once again.
  • Miles managed to polka-dot both of his shins with bruises.
  • I returned to work yesterday, only to find out that I had royally screwed up in regards to a promo, due to a severe lack of sleep and coherence.
I is exhausted.

Oh, and I won a blog award.  My very first.  But more about that tomorrow. :)

*This story is too good not to share.  While we were in Denver, Miles was playing ball with Patrick's cousin, Nicole (aka 'Coco').  He threw the ball, she caught it, and was teasing him with it.  He came running to me, grabbed my hand, and said, "Coco took it!" Complete with pouty lip.  One of my son's first sentences was a tattle.  This does not bode well. . .

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